KONEK is a Spanish professional manufacturer of capacitors and has been for more than 30 years. The Konek brand is preferred for film capacitors, including dipped metallized polyester film, polyproplyene film and EMI suppression capacitor X1 and X2 type.The company was created from another recognised and long experienced firm Bianchi. The Konek range covers primarily film capacitors, one of the only brands offering dipped polyester product with the MKT68 range, however, specialist motor run and lighting capacitors are also available. For further information contact the sales office on 01480 412233.  

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Buffer Stock Flexibility

A United Kingdom-based market-leading OEM manufactures a range of emergency warning beacons.A well-established company, its products are in demand across a number of markets due to the company’s reputation for expertise in the extent of their range...

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